Triangle Construction LTD
Time, Cost, Quality
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Any building project can be measured according to the time-cost-quality triangle, and it’s an equation that builders and clients know very well. They also know that in every project, it’s virtually impossible to improve all sides of the triangle. Save on time to decrease costs, and quality suffers. Similarly, if quality and time are the focus, costs are bound to rise.

At Triangle  Construction our success is focused on improving all sides of the equation:

Time: We understand the meaning of a deadline. By leveraging our extensive network of engineers and service professionals we can always get the job done on time. Just ask our clients!

Cost: Once we have agreed on the scope and the price then that is the price until the project is finished. No hidden extras and no last minute surprises. Just ask our clients!

Quality: We only use experienced and qualified personnel for all our projects. We have worked with all leading suppliers of quality building products and furnishings. Just ask our clients!
At Triangle Construction,
we pride ourselves on understanding our clients unique needs.  
  We have significant experience of interacting with other firms of architects, surveyors, planning and
design consultants and local authorities.